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Pornhub's Most Popular Game Characters of 2017 Revealed

Pornhub's Most Popular Game Characters of 2017 Revealed

So here is something a bit different. Pornhub have revealed the top searches for video game characters during 2017. 

To the surprise of no one Blizzard's Overwatch took most of the spots on the list with D.Va, Mercy and Tracer taking the top three spots respectively. What is a surprise though is the number of Pokémon related searches making the cut and it is not just limited to human characters. Believe it or not but over 220,000 searches in 2017 were for Pikachu during 2017. 

PH list1

On the subject of video games it was also revealed that the PlayStation 4 made up more than half of Pornhub's console traffic during the year. This was followed by the Xbox One and worth a mention is the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS, each making only 1% of the traffic. 

PH list2

If you want to read the complete Pornhub review of 2017 you can do so here and yes, it is safe for work. The rest of the site is of course not safe for work. 

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

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dominoid - 11:27am, 11th January 2018

"I only read Pornhub for the articles, honest"

NikholaiChan - 03:49pm, 11th January 2018 Author