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Pre-Registration Begins for the Origins of an Empire

Origins of an Empire, the new massively multiplayer realtime strategy game based on the rise of the Ottoman Empire, is nearing a playable state, and developer ONEMT isputting out the call for players interested in joining in right at launch with pre-registration.

Players can pre-register at the developer's website here.

Unlike their previous title, Revenge of Sultans, ONEMT promises new, innovative gameplay to put player's in the driver's seat of one of history's greatest empires. 

"You will immerse yourself in every battle with real-time strategy," ONEMT promises in a recent press release. "Attack, retreat, reinforce or make alliances with the courage and tactical skill of an emperor as you build your legacy in war."

The upcoming title is set to feature 3D, real-time battles in high definition graphics, a global alliance system where players build alliances with other players across the globe or fight against them for resources to upgrade units, and even a chance to match up with other players against massive mythical beasts from Greek mythology.

Players who pre-register with a valid email address will receive $100 worth of in-game items.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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