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Prepare For A Summer Vacation In Genshin Impact Version 1.6

It was only the other week that Genshin Impact added their newest character, Eula, to the game but now they are preparing for the version 1.6 update. 

Titled "Midsummer Island Adventure", this update will see players join up with Klee who has received a mysterious letter from a "Dodo-King" who is threatening to take Dodoco away from her. Players will need to join up with Klee and set sail to explore a secluded archipelago in a remote area in order to uncover the truth behind the "Dodo-King". 

This quest won't be all though, as players can expect to undertake several new challenges and time-limited events during the 1.6 update. This includes a new boss battle against Maguu Kenki, some summer themed activities, and even a fighting tournament where players will encounter a new character, Kazuha. 

Genshin Impact Skin

That's not all, players will also be able to unlock new character skins for Jean and Barbara, obtain new weapons, and undertake a new Archon question that will lead them ever closer to the nation of Inazuma.

Version 1.6 for Genshin Impact is expected to go live on 9th June. You can see the trailer for the update above. 

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, Mobile, and PlayStation 4.

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