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PUBG's 5.2 Update is Almost Here

PUBG's 5.2 Update is Almost Here

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS continues on its quest to endlessly improve with the upcoming 5.2 Update, bringing a number of additions and some improvements to the popular Battle Royale Shooter.

A new Spike Trap tool will allow players to set ambushes for vehicles and convoys, making for more tactical diversity in the ruthless world of PUBG.

In an addition which is no doubt inspired by Apex Legends’ “pinging” system, PUBG is introducing a waypoint system for squads to plan routes through the map and get on the same wavelength with regard to tactical movement.

PUBG Labs will also launch with the 5.2 Update, bringing a new way for developers to test out experimental systems and modes with the help of players.

Finally, Vikendi is receiving numerous tweaks to make the snowy island sniper-friendly and more manoeuvrable for vehicles. To achieve this, several windows have been removed from buildings to aid defensibility, sightlines have been optimised from sniper positions and road have been cleared in high traffic areas to make driving easier.

Check out the full patch notes by clicking below.

The 5.2 Update will launch on PC 20th November and Consoles 26th November.

Read the full patch notes
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Jamie Davies

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