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RAGE 2 Trailer Released

When Walmart accidentally leaked RAGE 2’s coming to the world by listing the game for pre-order on its website, it was still somewhat unclear as to whether or not the game was actually coming. However, Bethesda has now confirmed the game is on its way in a new teaser trailer.

“Awesome through disparity” is a phrase that could be used to describe the mish-mash we are presented of nearly opposite things, like the live-action footage and CG, music that combines anime-style cutsie techno and heavy metal vocals, and imagery which shows at once bizarre and colorful raider-types in the wasteland and the horrid abominations that also reside there. People who played the original RAGE know it was a rather dreary affair, so the implication that this next one may have, heaven forbid, a bit of personality, is welcome. The trailer also boldly proclaims that gameplay will be shown tomorrow.

The way RAGE 2 is being marketed is akin to the anarchic themes and break-neck speeds that are present in 80’s-style apocalypse fiction. If the game is anything like the way it’s presented in the trailer, combining a heaping helping crazy, stylish, rule-of-cool nonsense with the mechanics present in the original game, this sequel could hit the mark that the original game attempted to.

Stay tuned for more on RAGE 2.

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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