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ROCCAT Unveils New Kain AIMO Series Mouse

ROCCAT Unveils New Kain AIMO Series Mouse

ROCCAT unveiled on 11th June 2019 its brand-new mouse series: the ROCCAT Kain AIMO. The brand remastered each detail of the mouse from the shape to the internal mechanics and to the surface material.

Three variants of the Kain were revealed by the German peripheral manufacturer. The Kain 100 AIMO carried ROCCAT’s Pro-Optic (R8) sensor for 8,500dpi accuracy, plus texturized side grips. The Kain 120 AIMO boasted the new version of ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 16K optical sensor while the version 200 represented the series’ wireless mouse.

All three models have the same shape and were born of a meticulous process involving two years of research, testing and hearing feedback from beta-testers and listening to what customers truly want. The idea was to create an ergonomic shape that does not strictly position the hand into a specific grip style. ROCCAT claimed that the Kain mice will be grippy, durable and dirt resistant thanks to a hybrid anti-wear UV coating and weigh 89 grams. All variants of the Kain are available in black and white and contain split buttons design to not only support the click mechanism but also add to their aesthetics. An intelligent algorithm in the Kain’s firmware improves signal processing to register mouse clicks up to 16ms faster. The Omron switches which are exclusive to ROCCAT, are placed directly behind the split buttons. The click mechanism also holds a 2D mousewheel which sits in a 4D mousewheel holder, and has its switch directly below it.

“The Kain’s development challenged all performance-related features for a next-gen gaming mouse," says Piotr Gburzynski, product manager for mice and keyboards at ROCCAT. "Using a new click mechanism, mouse wheel structure, sensor and performance coating, it fulfils gamers’ dreams for the best in reliability and precision.”

The Kain 100 and 120 are available to pre-order today from ROCCAT shop as well as from partner retailers. The two mice will be available for purchase beginning of September while the Kain 200 will be available in November.

Pricing for the Kaim AIMO series mice are as follows:

Kain 100 - $44.99

Kain 120 - $62.99

Kain 200 - $89.99

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Joshua (Shnook)

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