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Rocket League Goes Full CrossPlay

Rocket League Goes Full CrossPlay

After many demands from the fanbase following the introduction of Windows/PlayStation CrossPlay, Psyonix have finally integrated a full CrossPlay system into their hit competitive sports title Rocket League. Players on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC can now be randomly matchmaked with and against each other in all online play modes. Not only this, but they have announced plans to add a CrossPlatform party system, so you can buddy up with players from any console.

Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield

Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield


Steve tends to do more work in the background these days than on the website. Keeps him out of trouble.

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TGK - 01:45pm, 15th January 2019

The big update will be when cross-platform party play goes live in the next update!

Platinum - 02:03pm, 15th January 2019

Might have to get back into this, just a shame you cant carry your profile across devices :(