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Roman Beat 'Em Up Story of a Gladiator Out Now

Fight tooth and nail as an Ancient Roman Gladiator in Story of a Gladiator,  an arena-based beat 'em up from Brain Seal Ltd. Out now for PC and Consoles.

Player will control their nameless protagonist —having just lost their home and family to the Roman empire— as they fight their way up the ranks of Roman arenas and Coliseums, earning money and glory along the way. As the game progresses through its 36 battles, so too will the fighter's skills, arsenal and equipment progress and improve. It's a good thing too, because with 80 human enemies and 20 animal species to fight, a Gladiator will need all the help they can get.

Fighters needn't face things alone: they can pray to gods for help in battles, train their own tiger pet to rip foes apart or win the favour of crowds to receive some unexpected aid at a much-needed time. Still, in a place as ruthless as Ancient Roman arenas, foes vastly outnumber friends and death is a near certainty.

In addition to a story mode, Story of a Gladiator features a Rogue-like mode for players who like cranking the intensity up.

Story of a Gladiator is out now for PC/Mac (Via Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch for £9.99.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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