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Rumour: Nintendo Developing New SoC with Samsung, xCloud Coming to Switch?

Rumour: Nintendo Developing New SoC with Samsung, xCloud Coming to Switch?

A Korean leaker, who previously had information about the Switch Lite and improved battery on the original Switch before official confirmations, has recently been sharing information on a possible xCloud port to Nintendo's latest console from Microsoft, as well as Samsung offering new SoC (System on Chip) designs for a potential new Switch console.

Microsoft's Project xCloud is still in early preview, and allows games from the Xbox portfolio to be streamed to a compatible device: namely Android, iOS and Windows 10 platforms. This rumour, originating in Hong Kong, perpetuates that a version for the Nintendo Switch is currently in development, with the goal of a beta test being released in 2021. Instead of being an independent service, it will act as an add-on to the current Nintendo Switch Online service.

Interestingly, only portable mode is currently supported. That could in part be due to the fact that xCloud streams at 720p, with upscaling to 1080p or higher introducing visual issues, but no reason is given in the post.

The same user also posted details claiming that Nintendo have approached Samsung for designs on possible APU designs for their next console, or possibly a Pro variant of the current Switch. Reportedly, they are aiming for PlayStation 4 levels of graphics fidelity from the new chips, which could be achievable at a low power requirements using Samsung's ARM CPUs alongside an Nvidia GPU. Although, this may require Nvidia to share some details with Samsung about its own architecture, which could prove problematic. 

Either way, both of these are certainly compelling rumours, but as always - take them with a pinch of salt.

James Martin

James Martin

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