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School Girl / Zombie Hunter Gets New Trailer

Upcoming third-person shooter School Girl / Zombie Hunter by Aksys Games has been given a new trailer ahead of it's release. 

The zombie shooter with tons of fan service will give players a chance to control one of many cute girls as they defend their school from waves of zombies. Of course, being the type of game that it is you can expect a lot of battle damage to your clothes and the option to throw your clothes on the ground to attract enemies attention (...of course). With a ton of guns and melee weapons available to use there are plenty of ways to crush some zombie skulls in this title. 

The game is also a spin-off of the Onechanbara series as well. So fans of that might be even more interested. 

School Girl / Zombie Hunter will release on PlayStation 4 in North America on 19th November. No word on a UK/EU release date as of yet.

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

Staff Writer

Enjoys long walks on the Paleozoic beach.

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Acelister - 08:00pm, 12th October 2017

I love the music. And am interested in the plot, of course.

NikholaiChan - 01:16pm, 13th October 2017 Author

Some interesting gameplay systems as well. 

Wowky - 02:49pm, 13th October 2017

Looking forward to some deep, nuanced characterisation