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Sea Of Thieves Content Plans Announced

After much debate by the gaming community about Sea of Thieves and its content, Rare have announced their roadmap. While not revealing too much, the studio have teased their future plans and it is clear that they are responding to player feedback.

There are three major content updates; The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. The Hungering Deep will be the first to release in May and promises to bring a new AI threat to the world. Crews will need to work together in order to take on this mysterious threat. This may be a breath of fresh air for players as there is currently very little reason for crews to work together. Rare have stated that there will be new mechanics to assist players on this adventure and new rewards that can be earned.

seaofthieves 2

As summer rolls in, Cursed Sails will introduce a new ship type and Forsaken Shores will be open up a new area of the map to explore. Both updates will continue to add and improve on gameplay mechanics along with more enemies to battle and claim treasure from. In addition to these major content updates there will be weekly events to keep players entertained while Rare continue to improve and evolve their pirating adventure.

Sea Of Thieves is currently available to play on PC and Xbox One.

Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

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