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Silent Hill 2 Receives Official Release Date Trailer in PlayStation State of Play

Fans have been waiting for a new Silent Hill entry for a long time, and though this may not be the Silent Hill PT we were all secretly hoping for, it's still great to have information on the newest title releasing.

The Silent Hill 2 release date trailer showed off the gameplay, which very closely resembles the highly successful Resident Evil titles that have released in recent times. The eerie environments and iconic characters are making a return in this survival title, though some fans have felt a bit upset with the new Angela model for this title. There have been a few criticisms, with many fans feeling sceptical about the graphics and overall feel of the game, but many others have shown excitement for its official release date.

Those who want to enjoy Silent Hill 2will be able to start their journey on the 8th of October 2024!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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