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Sink Your Teeth into V Rising's Launch Trailer Ahead of 1.0 Release

V Rising has been around since the 17th of May 2022, and it's been in its Early Access period for nearly two full years. Starting from before Gloomrot's release and a way more barebones version of the experience, Stunlock Studios is now ready to release its vampire survival title into 1.0.

There are a slew of updates coming to the title, giving both players who have been around since the beginning of Early Access and newcomers for 1.0 release many things to sink their teeth into. It's been massively expanded, now featuring a total of 57 bosses to fight against and seven regions to explore.

As we've mentioned previously, V Rising is partnering up with Konami to bring Castlevania into Vardoran, though this time, the protagonists will be your foes, as you'll face the legendary Simon Belmont himself as a V Blood enemy. Learn more about the Castlevania crossover in our news piece right here.

V Rising Launch Trailer 1 21 screenshot

Simon and the Belmont siblings coming to Vardoran won't be your single, most dangerous threat, however — the fearsome Dracula is back, and he won't let any vampire claim his throne. As the final boss of the entire experience, will you be able to overcome him and become the leader of the vampire race?

Most of this will all take place in the new The Ruins of Mortium area, the deadly endgame zone that vampires will delve into. From here, the last few V Blood enemies will make their mark on the world, and with them are dynamic endgame events to give you more to do.

One of the best updates is likely the capability of your fearsome castle to follow you across Vardoran. Now, every time you build your castle, you'll be able to bring it with you, encouraging decoration and building without having to leave it behind — one of my personal quarrels when I was enjoying the experience myself.

V Rising Launch Trailer 0 38 screenshot

There are new weapons, new equipment, magic improvements, better castle decorations and buildings, and even gamepad support and game optimization! There has never been a better time to get into V Rising, and its 1.0 full-release update will be coming on the 8th of May.

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