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Skate 4 Update Trailer Shows... Something!?

After a ten-year hiatus, the Skate series officially announced a comeback at EA's "Play Live" showcase in June of 2020.  And just before EA's 2021 Play Live event gets into full swing, Developers Full Circle (the team behind the Skate reboot) sought to release another trailer - stating that "We're working on it".

The one-minute teaser shows some behind-the-scenes footage of motion-capped skateboarders, some talking heads from the developers, as well as fan reactions to off-screen gameplay.

Though no gameplay footage was shown, you hear snippets of fans stating things such as "You can climb!" and "Explain that spinning rail" - it's best to keep your expectations measured as no final footage (if hardly any) was shown during the trailer.


The Skate team also posted an update picture on twitter confirming that the next game in the franchise has just started development in January of this year, but will be sharing "something" tomorrow. That something being the aforementioned teaser trailer.

Hopefully, the next big announcement from EA and Full Circle will show some progress on the project.

Danielle Winter

Danielle Winter

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