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Skylanders Ring of Heroes Updated with New Characters and Events

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Updated with New Characters and Events

A new update has added two new characters and two new in-game events to the mobile-exclusive RPG Skylanders Ring of Heroes. Following on from the mainline titles in the popular Skylanders franchise, the game hinges upon a variety of unique characters with distinct skills and abilities. Joining the roster in this update are:

  • Oscar - A portal master with an array of team-recovery abilities.
  • Flameslinger - A character able to wield—unsurprisingly—fire to deal massive damage to foes. Their fire attacks take the form of fire-imbued arrows, and they also provide several passive abilities which can weaken enemies, opening them up to critical strikes.

In addition to these two characters, there are two in-game events which will remain open until March:

  • Academy Level Up Mission Event (Ends 2nd March) - During this event, players raising their Academy Level will receive a Summon Ticket. These can be used to summon Legendary characters or acquire a range of useful in-game items.
  • George's Puzzle (Ends 17th March) - Until this event finishes, completing daily challenges will earn players jigsaw pieces. If they complete the full jigsaw, players will receive "George's Gift", a care package containing 100 Energy, 30,000 Gold, 3,000 Ether pieces and 100 Eon's Magical dust.

These characters and events are live now for Skylanders Ring of Heroes on iOS and Android.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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