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SMITE Introduces Osiris and Siege Mode

Adding the Egyptian death deity Osiris to its godly ranks, SMITE has finally reunited Ancient Egypt's power couple.

Taking on the role of warrior, Osiris has been brought back from the world of the not-quite-dead by his wife Isis, intent on raining vengeance down upon his traitorous brother Set. Of course, given that Set has yet to join the ranks of SMITE, it looks like Osiris will settle for whoever has the misfortune of being nearby. The king of the afterlife introduces a passive called Fragmented, which transforms him into a spirit form that can walk through enemies and deal basic attacks without movement penalties. Together with his four-hit basic attack combo and the ranged attack Spirit Flail, Osiris looks like the sort of god you wouldn't want to meet alone in a dark, deserted alley. Or anywhere, really.

With this announcement Hi-Rez Studios has also introduced Siege Mode, a two-lane map where players earn points to spawn siege weapons during gameplay.


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