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snakebyte Tough:Case releasing for the Nintendo Switch

snakebyte Tough:Case releasing for the Nintendo Switch

snakebyte recently announced that it plans to release a Tough:Case for Nintendo Switch. The case, which sports an all-new lightweight design, protects the tablet and Joy-Con™ controllers from drops. The case has been designed to fit perfectly around the tablet and connected controllers, cradling the console when in handheld mode, preventing damage to fragile hardware and making it perfect for outdoor use.

The case design forms a highly protective rubber shell which includes a scratch-resistant polycarbonate back cover. Quickly wrapping around the console, the Tough:Case is strong enough to protect but light enough to never intrude on console controls during intense gaming sessions. The Tough:Case is expected to begin shipping this August, and will be available in a choice of two colors, Strawberry Pink and Black.

Nick Repenning, CEO for snakebyte USA commented, “The Nintendo Switch is on course to become the best-selling console in 2018, and seeing more and more gamers use their Switch hardware in the wild is now a very common site. The Tough:Case offers Switch owners superb protection, guarding their console from damage and managing to look stylish in the process. We think it will prove a must-have accessory for all handheld lovers.”

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes

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