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Sony Launching PSN ID Change Today

Sony Launching PSN ID Change Today

Rejoice! You can finally change that embarrassing PSN ID you made over ten years ago. Gone are the days of being known as XxPu55ySl4y3r69420xX online, as today, Sony has announced the much-requested PSN ID change feature, which is officially launching to all PlayStation 4 owners.

The feature is available as of today 10th April in North America. Whereas players in Europe can change their ID username as of tomorrow, April 11th.

Sony’s Social Media Manager Sid Shuman said in a statement over on PlayStation Blog, “We’re excited to announce that the online ID change feature on PSN is officially launching to all PlayStation 4 owners later today.”

Users can change their ID’s via the account management settings directly on a PS4 or via a web browser. Unfortunately, this can’t be done via PS3 or PS Vita.

As previously confirmed, the first username change is free. However, subsequent changes will be charged at £7.99 / $9.99 or £3.99 / $4.99 for PS Plus subscribers. There is no limit to how many times a PSN ID can be changed, and if you’re not happy with your new username, you can revert back to an old one by contacting PlayStation support. Old usernames cannot be taken by anyone else, and there is also an option to display your previous username next to your new one for 30 days, to help friends find you online. Child accounts cannot change their ID's.

Sony has warned that not all games will support the feature. Any title published on or before 1st April 2018 should display your new ID in-game. However, Sony has found one instance of the change not carrying over, “We do want to take this opportunity to clarify one point. We’ve found an instance where a game did not fully support the feature, even though it was originally published after 1st April 2018. All PS4 games originally published on or after this date have been developed to support the online ID change feature, but there may be cases where a game is not fully compatible.”

A full list of games that support the new PSN ID changes can be found here.

Sean Carey

Sean Carey

Staff Writer

Puts the C in satisfactorily.

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Karl Gamblin
Karl Gamblin - 09:44pm, 10th April 2019

Great article and even better news. I can now stop playing as 'SmallDickGingerPubes' and finally get going as BehemothMan69!!! Get in. Keep up the great work

SeanC159 - 09:48pm, 10th April 2019 Author

Haha! Thanks, BehemothMan69, I think. 

Jbumi - 03:45pm, 11th April 2019

I'm not changing my ID, but I'm glad Sony's finally gotten this done.  Maybe now they can concentrate on fixing really important things on PSN - like when you get your updated credit card & go to change the info to the new expiration date, PSN rejects the card & you can't use it at all (even if you try to revert back to the original exp. date) - great timing on this problem since you can't purchase digital codes elsewhere anymore.  Not buying gift cards (don't want an outstanding balance on the account), so I'm looking at this as an opportunity to save money!