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SoundSelf is a Meditative Digital Drug Trip

SoundSelf is a "psychedelic journey to the center of the self" that aims to immerse players in an interactive dreamscape guided by their own voice. It's set to release 22nd April for PC, Mac and Oculus Rift.

Robin Arnott and his studio Andromeda Entertainment want to help people reach a meditative state, the likes of which would typically be induced by drugs, in the comfort and safety of their homes. By sinking into SoundSelf's world of harmonies, light, colour and shapes—all of which react to audio inputs—players are invited to enter a drug-like trance that can help them remain mindful and satisified in everyday life.

Originally released as an installation at Burning Man 2013, SoundSelf went on to receive recognition at a number of game awards and events: Independent Games Festival, IndieCade East, Games for Change and more. Its potential as a tool for genuine self-improvement and mental well-being can't be understated: Arnott even gave a TEDx talk about designing games within the context of mindfulness.

While designed for and optimally experienced in VR, no headset is required for SoundSelf; only a microphone and compatible PC/Mac is essential for the experience.

SoundSelf will release 22nd April for PC, Mac and Oculus Rift. Take a look at the teaser trailer above.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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