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Square Enix Releases First Public Gameplay Video for Marvel’s Avengers

Following the official reveal during E3, Marvel’s Avengers now has a lengthy 18-minute long gameplay video demonstrating the different members of the titular team and their abilities.

The first character that’s shown off in the video is Thor, and as expected, he seems to have a weighty momentum, using his hammer to clobber foes and his immense strength to throw them around. He can also levitate in the air, using these abilities to chain together combos. Despite being able to fly, it appears that his gameplay is a rather linear affair, with combat encounters being relegated to specific arenas. This approach to gameplay looks like it also applies to the other characters too, so those hoping for an open-world Avengers game may want to temper expectations.

From there, the game transitions into a section with Iron Man. Iron Man’s gameplay opens to something resembling an on-rail shooter, before he descends to the ground to take on enemies in a more close quarters environment. He uses numerous recognisable technologically powered moves to dispatch of enemies, such as shooting energy beams from his hands and flames from his chest.

Next up is Hulk, who has arguably the most dynamic gameplay showcase, switching between a high speed pseudo-platforming sequences and short bursts of combat. This is contrasted by the more grounded Captain America gameplay that follows. With his abilities laying with his super strength, he doesn’t have the same mobility as the other Avengers, meaning that his gameplay more focusses on a defensive playstyle, with his shield blocking attacks as well as hitting enemies from range.

The gameplay closes off with Black Widow, who - like Hulk - seems to have a bigger focus on platforming sections, putting her acrobatic skills to good use. In combat she utilises a pair of pistols for ranged attacks, and melee weapons along with punches and kicks for more close-quarters encounters.

Marvel’s Avengers will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Google Stadia 15th May 2020.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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