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Star Wars: Squadrons To Receive Two Content Updates

Star Wars: Squadrons To Receive Two Content Updates

In lieu of the overwhelming cry from fans of the space-based dogfighter for more content, EA have decided to go back on their previous announcement of not adding any new content to Star Wars: Squadrons with their most recent announcement. EA announced on their website that they are working on two free content updates to launch over the holiday season, one in November, and the second in December. The November update plans to add a new multiplayer map: Fostar Haven - the asteroid base from the game’s prologue. Additionally, the update will come with various bugfixes and four new components to customise your ships - one for each class of starfighter.

Following from this, the December update will see the arrival of two highly requested features - the B-Wing and the TIE Defender, and custom matches. The B-Wing will offer the New Republic a new bomber as an alternative to the Y-Wing, while the TIE Defender will be a new fighter for the Imperials. The specific strengths and weaknesses of the ships are yet to be seen. Finally, Custom matches will allow players to set up peer-hosted servers, where players can set their own rules and fight against their friends, or look through the server browser and join a strangers public game.

These two updates will be arriving for free later in 2020. Star Wars: Squadrons is available on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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