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Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Steam have launched their Lunar New Year Sale, giving you money off of tons of games that may very well remain on your wishlist regardless. But there's extra incentive!

Visit the main store page, or this link, and you will get tokens. The amount depends on how your previous spending on Steam. You can get more tokens for buying games - 127 for every £1 (139 if buying gifts) - and they can be redeemed for several things! Profile backgrounds, emoticons and premium rewards.

What's more, you will get £5 off of a purchase worth £30 or more.

Oh, what are the premium rewards? A profile badge for 2000 tokens, an extra £5 discount on a purchase, and a Golden Profile. The other two are self explanatory, but the Golden Profile basically makes your profile look shiny until the end of the Lunar New Year Sale. You also get a golden border to your profile picture (see below for a better look)

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale will end on11th January, and the rewards booth will close on 12th January, at which point your tokens will be rendered useless.

steam golden profile

steam lunar sale golden profile

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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