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Street Fighter V Gets Arcade Upgrade

Street Fighter V’s newest update is filled to the brim with additional content. The highlight is “Arcade Mode” — a new feature that pays homage to classic Street Fighter games by allowing you to play through original lineups. Over 200 new illustrations have also been added to the game, just in time for Street Fighter’s 30th Anniversary. Combat has been expanded to include new V-Triggers for every character, and the UI as a whole is also being revamped here.

If you already own an original copy of Street Fighter V, all of this new content will be available as a free update! The standalone version of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Nathan Lakritz

Nathan Lakritz

Staff Writer

Still plays Wii Sports more than he'd like to admit.

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Wensleydale - 10:48pm, 22nd January 2018

I swear, when I'm a dribbling incontinent sequestered in a retirement village, they'll still be releasing Street Fighter games. Putting that franchise to rest will probably require some sort of exorcism.