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Super Mario 64 gets LEGO-fied into a Question Block

LEGO and Nintendo continue to build upon their collaboration with a new Super Mario-themed set in the form of a ginormous yellow Question Mark Block.

Yesterday, the LEGO Twitter account teased a sneak preview of the upcoming Question Mark Block with a short 22-second video.


The LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block houses a pop-up Polly Pocket-inspired miniature diorama of well-known courses and locations such as Bob-omb Battlefield, Peach's Castle, Lethal Lava Trouble, and "Cool, Cool Mountain". I'm sure you won't craft a teeny penguin to fling off the ice world... right?

legomario64 6

A trailer for the set was published by Nintendo earlier today, showcasing the block as completely buildable; meaning, yes - you will have to assemble the 2,064-odd bricked model!

legomario64 4

The character figurines are based on LEGO's microfigures series, with the likes of a miniaturised Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Mr. I, Lakitu, Chain Chomp, King Bob-omb, Mother Penguin, and Big Bully included.

legomario64 3

The Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block is currently listed on LEGO's website for an October 1st release date for £159.99

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