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Take-Two Pull Out of Codemasters Acquisition

Take-Two Pull Out of Codemasters Acquisition

In another development regarding the acquisition of Codemasters, Take-Two have fully withdrawn their offer of £759 Million that was made in November 2020. Things were looking smooth for the transaction until EA came in with an unexpected deal of £969 Million, which left the results of the whole process up in the air for a while.

With Take-Two pulling out, they have cleared the path for EA, meaning they are set to obtain Codemasters following the 1.2 billion dollar deal that was made, and will highly likely acquire the company in the near-future. In a statement, Take-Two said that they will ‘continue to pursue selectively organic and inorganic opportunities that are designed to enhance the Company's long-term growth and deliver results to its shareholders.’

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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