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The Great Egg Hunt is Coming Again in Deep Rock Galactic!

The Great Egg Hunt is Coming Again in Deep Rock Galactic!

As is tradition, Deep Rock Galactic is getting ready to celebrate the coming of Easter with eggs, hats, eggs, double point bonuses, and, you guessed it, eggs. If you're itching to get the newest hat added to the collection — the Basket Case — missed out on some of the fashionable millinery marvels during previous years, or just love a good egg hunt, then get your basket and put on those bunny ears!


During the event and while scouring the depths of Hoxxes, be on the lookout for Mechanical Spring Bunnies! Find one of the lost lagomorphs and deposit it to earn double the normal amount of Performance points for the whole team!  Naturally, the Space Rig is also decked to the nines with festive ornaments and oh so many eggs to find. If this all wasn't enough, you can also gather up any previously missed aestethic marvels!

The Great Egg Hunt event will be running in Deep Rock Galactic from 21st March
at 12:00 GMT onward!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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