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The Joker Arrives to MultiVersus in Newest Official Trailer "Send in the Clowns" Alongside Tease for Highly Anticipated Character

After MultiVersus' Open Beta period ended unexpectedly on the 27th of March 2023 (since it wasn't announced to be an Early Access period or anything of the sort), the game is coming back soon this year on the 28th of May 2024. Featuring all of the characters seen in the Open Beta period, a new character has already been announced — The Joker joins the platforming battler!

Teased initially on the 8th of May, The Joker's "Send in the Clowns" trailer shows off all of his abilities — he is a DC mage, featuring a slew of his weapons and abilities you'll be able to take advantage of. After hacking Batman's computer, the infamous clown has arrived in town. Voiced by Mark Hamill once again, The Joker is shown off with a new skin (The Batman Who Laughs), a great look at his kit, and even several teases for characters we've yet seen in the game. 

Keen-eyed MultiVerse lovers will have spotted several teases for characters that weren't in the Open Beta. Not only do the Powerpuff Girls appear on the top-right side of Batman's computer but also a Dexter's Laboratory-themed stage with a No Dee Dee sign that could possibly mean everyone's favourite brainiac is coming to the game!

Get back on stage when MultiVersus releases on the 28th of May 2024.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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