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Three New Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass In January 2020

Three New Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass In January 2020

Xbox Game Pass is looking to start off the new year right with more new titles being added to the service. These include:

Sword Art Online is a light novel series that was adapted into an extremely popular anime during the 2010’s. Being based off the Gun Gale Online MMORPG that’s featured in the series, Fatal Bullet is a third-person shooter roleplaying game set in an alternate timeline to its source material.

Set in an alternate history version of 1886, Frostpunk: Console Edition is a city-building survival game in which players must lead a city to propesirity in the face of a volcanic winter, which has led to widespread destruction of crops along with the deaths of millions.

Lastly, Tekken 7 is the latest instalment of the hugely popular and iconic fighting game franchise. Originally released in arcades in 2015, and later for consoles in 2017, the game has seen large competitive success and longevity amongst its fanbase thanks to its polished gameplay and new mechanics, along with continued DLC support.

These titles are being added soon after the gaming juggernaut Grand Theft Auto V, which joined Game Pass just earlier this week.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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Acelister - 12:41pm, 14th January 2020

Oh yeah, I forgot Fatal Bullet was coming! Gotta check it out and find why it got such a high score.

Wait, my mistake...