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Titanfall Won't Launch With Modding Tools

Titanfall Won't Launch With Modding Tools

Recently we have been given a lot of information about upcoming Respawn title Titanfall.  The game is a first-person action game created by some of the key developers behind Call of Duty and is due for release in March of this year. It has been shrouded in mystery for the vast majority of the past three years, but coming up to launch information is coming thick and fast.

The latest news to come out of the Respawn camp is from founder Vince Zampella regarding the availability of modding tools.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that sniping in the game will be a "pretty different animal" with quick scoping and no-scoping set to be ineffective.

For a recap of the recently announced Titan classes like Atlas, Ogre and Stryder you can take a look at our roundup of the game.

Titanfall will launch on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC this March. The game will be exclusive to these platforms.

Helen Ashcroft

Helen Ashcroft

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Writer of randomness and maker of films Helen AKA Jetgirl lives with her hubby and 3 kids who support her gaming habit.

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