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Top Hat Studios to Release Two "Final" PS Vita Games

New York-based publisher Top Hat Studios has announced that it could very well be responsible for the final two games to launch on the PlayStation Vita platform. Synergia will release on the 27th April, closely followed by Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story (trailer above) on the same day. These two titles will, ostensibly, be the swan song for Sony's undersold but revered handheld. 

Both games adopt a cyberpunk setting. However, while Synergia is a visual novel, Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is a 2D puzzle adventure title. Both originally released in 2020, with versions available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch. The upcoming PS Vita version of both games will be cross-buy compatible with the existing PlayStation 4 counterpart.

Sony's ultimate decision against closing down the PlayStation Store on PlayStation Vita (as well as PlayStation 3) does bring some doubt to this announcement, however. Top Hat Studios announced that its two titles would be the final for the platform when the digital storefront's closure was still assumed to be going ahead. It is not known whether the continued existence of the store will affect these games' status as the "final ever" PS Vita titles.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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