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Tower Of Fantasy Roster To Be Joined By New Simulacrum, Check Out The Trailer!

The hit MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, from publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio, has announced a new simulacrum that will be joining the roster. Yulan, a highly skilled martial artist and frost simulacrum, is reputed to be one of the mightiest fighters in Domain 9, going as far as being recognized by Master Yu.

Yulan's ability to enter a state of complete transcendence during battle, in addition to her mortal prowess, has earned her the role of a Sundial Guard, tasking her to protect the Infinite Sundial. Beyond the power of ice and her physical skills, Yulan is believed to have a ‘pure heart’, which ancient Domain 9 philosophers believe to have enabled her to accomplish her goals with ease.

Yulan will join Tower of Fantasy on July 18.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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