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Twitch Prime and SNK Unite to Offer Free Classic Titles

Twitch Prime members are very much used to the service's monthly drop of free games at this point; the offers stands alongside Xbox's 'Games with Gold' and PlayStation's PS+ titles as a staple of our monthly gaming calendar. This summer, however, Twitch and SNK have teamed up to bring players an additional slew of exciting freebies on top of the regular monthly offerings: classics from the SNK arcade library.

That's right. In celebration of the Neo Geo's 30th anniversary, all Twitch Prime members will be able to download a collection of beloved SNK titles, split into three separate 'drops' over the course of the summer. The window to claim these games will be limited, but once claimed, they're for keepsies.

The first batch of games, available 26th May, will bring the following games:

  • Art of Fighting 2 – "In the second installment of the renowned Art of Fighting trilogy, players compete as one of 12 fighters for the coveted title of King of Fighters."
  • Blazing Star – "Released in 1998, this shoot ‘em up side scroller and spiritual sequel to the acclaimed Neo Geo shooter Pulstar lets players pilot incredible aircraft across a number of dangerous missions, filled with enemies aiming to take them down."

  • Fatal Fury Special – "This 1993 arcade classic is an updated version of the acclaimed Fatal Fury 2, expanding the original character roster to 15 playable fighters and introducing new gameplay changes such as the all-new combo system."

  • The King of Fighters 2000 – "In the second chapter in the legendary King of Fighters Nests Saga, players must take down the secret Nests society to stop their evil ambitions and bring peace."

  • The King of Fighters 2002 – "This fan-favorite title was released in 2002 and features the epic return of the series’ 3-on-3 battle system, along with a number of popular characters from the franchise."

  • Pulstar – "Released back in 1995, this groundbreaking arcade game was the first SNK release to use pre-rendered graphics and if often regarded as among the best-looking shoot ‘em up games for the NEOGEO system."

  • Samurai Shodown II – "Battle against 15 of the world’s fiercest warriors in this fun fencing fighting game first launched back in 1994."

Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The Last Blade 2, Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, Sengoku 3 and King of the Monsters are all confirmed for future content drops, although the specific dates of these are not known.

Remember, Twitch Prime membership comes with Amazon Prime membership automatically. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you're also eligible to claim these free games.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

Raised on a steady diet of violent shooters and sugary cereal. He regrets no part of this

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