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Warside Trailer for Steam Greenlight Released

Kraken Games has released a trailer for its shooter MMO Warside  on Steam Greenlight, opening up the potential of it being published on Steam.

Warside revolves around team-based campaigns and PvP fights where players take on the role of space marines sent to secure valuable resources across the galaxy. The game boasts highly customizable characters and a unique 2D scrolling style level design, and allows players to make use of mechanics like hovering for greater tactical variety. 

Russian studio Kraken Games posted the game on Steam Greenlight last week, where members of the Steam community to can vote if they'd like to see it distributed via Steam or not. Greenlight replaces the old method of panel review for first-time submissions to Steam, which Valve felt wasn't making full use of the software's community, and instead lets the public decide what they would and wouldn't like to see.

If a project gets enough votes, Steam will then contact the studio behind it to work on a timeline for publishing and distributing the game. 

Ruth Krabacher

Ruth Krabacher

Staff Writer / News Writer

After being told dragontamer is "not a real job", she settled for being a word typer-upper. Finally got those San Diego Comic Con tickets.

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