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What's in PUBG's 9.2 Update?

Update 9.2 for the battle royale juggernaut PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is out now for PC (with a console release due on the 26th November). Check out the rundown of changes and additions in the Patch Report above, read the full patch notes here or read on for an overview of the highlights.

PUBG 9.2 Update

What's New?

PUBG battle bride update image 9.2

  • New Vehicle - Dirt Bike: spawns on all maps except Karakin.
  • New Feature - Driver Shooting: drivers can not shoot firearms from behind the wheel.
  • Weapon Rebalances - Assorted weapons: read patch notes for details.
  • Team Finder - New matchmaking system for finding teammates.
  • In-Lobby Chat Box - Text chat functionality now featured within in-game lobbies.
  • Character Pass - Battle Bride Pass: a new kind of pass independent from the Survivor Pass, all centred around new character Sadiya Qureshi.

Not a bad little update if you ask us! A new vehicle to play with, some quality-of-life additions and a new take on the familiar 'Pass' system. 

Update 9.2 is out now for PUBG on PC, with a console release planned for the 26th November.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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