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World of Tanks' "Well-Deserved Reward" Returns for Christmas 2020

Players of World of Tanks on all platforms will receive a selection of free goodies, credits and vehicles this Christmas as the "Well-Deserved Reward" returns for a third consecutive year.

Wargaming has released a promotional video alongside this year's Well-Deserved Reward scheme. Find it at the top of this page.


The scheme, which was created as a gesture of goodwill towards long-serving players, will see the oldest accounts receiving the most generous spread of freebies, with beta players set to receive the grandest offering of all:

  • Tier VI Super Hellcat Tank
  • Tier VI Super Chaffee Tank
  • Tier VI T-50-2 Tank
  • 4,000 Bonds
  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • Personal Training Manual (Granting 850,000 XP to each crew member)
  • Three Universal Manuals (Granting 250,000 XP to each crew member per Manual)
  • Three Beta Test Veteran Decals
  • Three People's Game Decals
  • 10 Years of World of Tanks Premium Membership
  • 30x Personal Reserves: Additional Experience Per Battle (+50% for one hour)
  • 30x Personal Reserves: Additional Credits Per Battle (+50% for one hour)
  • 30x Mission for 5x XP (Opportunity to earn 5x XP for a victory, starting from the second victory of the day in any vehicle)
  • Beta Test Veteran Badge
  • Background for Nickname
  • Veteran Tanker Specialist Style
  • Six Emblems for Participation in the Beta Test
  • Medal for Years of Service

Click here to see what rewards await players with fewer years of service (even newly registered players stand to earn something, as long as they've registered before the 26th November). Additionally, every Well-Deserved Reward comes with a mystery "Festive Surprise", containing a selection of festive garage decorations, which will open upon the launch of World of Tanks' December event.

The Well-Deserved Reward scheme is available for redemption now for World of Tanks players on all of the game's platforms. 

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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