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World of Warcraft’s September Trading Post Is Here!

World of Warcraft’s September Trading Post Is Here!

Summer is coming to an end, and what better way to welcome Fall than with World of Warcraft's Trading Post, bringing you nautical-themed transmogs, pets, and mounts to unlock. This September 2023, Blizzard is feeling a bit pirate-y and has included sets for Paladins, Priests, and more! Plus, a new bonus mount when you fill the Traveler’s Log bar!

Here are the armour and weapon sets that the Trading Post is offering this month, each includes three items:

  • Plate of the Light Avenger (Paladin) — 450 Trader’s Tender
  • Armaments of the Light Avenger (Paladin) — 500 Trader’s Tender
  • Silks of the Unnamed Cult (Priest) — 450 Trader’s Tender
  • Secrets of the Unnamed Cult (Priest) — 500 Trader’s Tender
  • Blood Onyx Uniform (Rogue) — 450 Trader’s Tender
  • Blood Onyx Blades (Rogue) — 500 Trader’s Tender

World Of Warcraft Screenshot Trading Post September

As for single items, mounts, and pets, the Trading Post has just what you need for World of Warcraft’s upcoming “Talk Like a Pirate Day”:

  • Trusty Treasure Trove (Cloak/Back) — 750 Trader’s Tender
  • Swashbuckling Bucaneer’s Slops (Ensemble) — 650 Trader’s Tender
  • Dread Admiral’s Bicorne (Head) — 175 Trader’s Tender
  • Irontide’s Raider’s Bicorne (Head) — 175 Trader’s Tender
  • Slyvy (Pet) — 650 Trader’s Tender
  • Crust Crawler (Mount) — Bonus Reward!

Be sure to visit Tawney and Wilder just outside of Stormwind’s Mage District or the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to check out a full list of the available items!

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Staff Writer

Alyssa is great at saving NPCs from dragons. Then she writes about it.

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