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EGX Rezzed Hollowpoint Preview

EGX Rezzed Hollowpoint Preview

Games that play with perspective are often the most visually appealing displays on show floors. The first thing I saw from Red Kite Games’ Hollowpoint was a giant mech stepping out of the darkness at the back of the view, an imposing behemoth dominating the frame. From there, I saw the cinematic majesty of this side scrolling shooter with level design that would make a pyrotechnics expert very happy.

Hollowpoint isn’t a traditional side-scroller either, taking place in a 2.5D world where the enemies can come from anywhere in the background. The player only has two axes of motion, but you can shoot anywhere in the field and can use the walls for cover. The level I played through was set in a jungle, which saw me creep through the dense undergrowth into the enemy camp. It doesn’t take long for the madness to ramp up, with waves of bad guys pouring out of the wall, and then it drops the aforementioned mechs into the fray.

I played along with one of the developers, since Hollowpoint allows for up to four player co-op. He told me about their plans for the universe they’re building, one of corporate espionage and sabotage. They plan on having multiple corporations, and the player will be hired by these different organisations as mercenaries. These missions may take place in the same locations, but they will have randomly generated enemies to keep the levels from feeling stale. As the player completes more missions for an organisation, it will gain more power in the world and the missions will update to reflect the players decisions.

Hollowpoint 01

Hollowpoint is coming soon to PC.

Adam Wilkin

Adam Wilkin

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