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Destiny 2: The Curse Of Osiris Review

Destiny 2: The Curse Of Osiris Review

Curse of Osiris Is the first DLC released for Destiny 2, with another expansion set for release sometime in SPRING 2018. The first piece of downloadable content is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The DLC focuses on the story of our guardian, on their quest to save the legendary warlock, Osiris. This mission has you going from one planet to another, meeting some new and old characters along the way. One of these characters is brother Vance, who you may remember from the original Destiny’s second DLC social space The Reef. This time brother Vance is a new vendor who has weapons available, missions to obtain and his own backstory to tell you. Brother Vance is one of Osiris’s disciples, long story short, Osiris was kicked out of the tower and people followed him believing him to be a god. The main story here has you doing incredible things like taking down huge bosses, but then it also has you replaying strikes from the base game, fetching items and playing single player versions of the new strikes. Overall the new story leaves a lot to be desired, with a short story, which only took me two hours to get through. And with such a short lived experience, there really wasn't anything that stood out here, no character development, lackluster battles and nothing that changed the current Destiny 2 story formula. Osiris wasn't represented well here, with lots of lore around him in the original Destiny, the community was hoping for a full lore-filled adventure around Osiris but his lore really isn't explored here and the DLC added nothing to his story.

d2 story action 03

There are a few new things that were also added as part of this DLC, and one of my personal favourites is the raid. This is a new take on the Bungie raid. With the leviathan being one my least favourite raids, I can honestly say that the new raid is incredible. It's fun, short and rewarding as heck when you actually finish it. The new raid continues how leviathan left us off, this time however, it takes us down to the belly of the beast. This new raid is very much comparable to Crota's End from the original Destiny in length and how long it's actually going to take you to complete. So in this review I'm not going to go in-depth with mechanics to avoid spoilers however, there is one encounter here that is amazing and stands out as one of my favourite of the series. This raid is probably my favourite raid of the franchise, and shows that however much Bungie screws up they can still deliver a very entertaining raid while also providing story as to why we are doing the raid.

The new DLC adds tons of weapons to your arsenal, even some exotics that are returning from Destiny. This is probably one of the worst additions of the DLC because as much as we enjoyed using the weapons from the original, we don't want the original all over again. The reason people pay for DLC is to receive new content, and over half of the “new” exotics added to this expansion are from the original game. However much players liked the old exotics, this just takes away from the joy of getting new exotics and experimenting with them to see what they do, or how useful they are.

destiny 2 curse of osiris infinite forest 9

There were also some additional changes with this update, some were very controversial and others were welcomed with open arms. I'm not going to say much about the controversial subject as it's already been said so many times on the internet, however I am going to tell you a little about it because it could sway your decision about whether or not you want to buy this DLC. If you don't buy this expansion you will be locked out of some base game modes, this includes trials of the nine, prestige nightfalls and even the prestige raid. However if you played the original game you shouldn't be too shocked as it was very similar and locked you out of activities there as well.

Now the positives from this update includes the new heroic strike playlist, which was lacking from the base game. The addition of masterwork weapons, this includes things like generating orbs on multi-kills so you can charge your super faster. This new masterwork system works well and adds to what the game lacks very much; end game content. What I missed most from the original in Destiny 2 was the endgame content such as raids, strikes, grinding for exotics and exotic weapon quests. While this may not add a huge amount of stuff to grind for it does start the process of getting the game back to this style of gameplay. There is other stuff to grind for at the end of the game however it is very spoilery so I won't go into detail about that.

7.50/10 7½

Destiny 2: The Curse Of Osiris (Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Curse Of Osiris Is very fun on the first playthrough, however playing through the story on a second or third character can be very tiresome and not very fun. The raid is the biggest addition to this DLC and is the best part, if you haven't already bought the season pass and are on the fence just think, did I enjoy Crota's End? If the answer is yes then I highly recommend this DLC. If you played Destiny 2 for its story, then this DLC will disappoint you and I can't recommend it to you.

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