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GEO Review

GEO Review

Geo has you leading a mining company, IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Because there is nothing space can’t make more interesting and epic. Nothing! The goal of G.E.O is to go to planets, drill for treasures, gain money to then put back into the business. With the money you can then upgrade your HQ and drill and hire new staff. You then go out to mine for more loot.

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With no actual plot to speak of, your motivation comes from trying to get your way to the top of the corporate ladder and find all the treasures. You achieve this via the movement or click of your mouse, choosing your planet with a click. Then in the actual level the drill will just follow your cursor till it runs out of HP; you then upgrade and start again. The game boasts a wide variety of planets, moons, meteors and the expanse of space to explore but the graphics are 2D and pretty basic so there isn’t much wonder in the world.

G.E.O also has a good amount of unlocks, whether new rooms in the HQ or new crew members to hire and level, but this doesn’t do much to hide the fact it’s basically one up from Cookie Clicker. It’s hard to recommend G.E.O as it’s pretty much bare bones for what a game is, but what it does it does well. I experienced no glitches and the mechanics run pretty smoothly. My only complaint it there’s no way to change the in game volume, and while the music isn’t bad, it is pretty loud and you’ll probably get bored of it in a short time.

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And that’s G.E.O. It’s a simple game, if you’re looking for a mindless time sink you can do much worse, but if you want some complexity in your space adventures then this isn’t the game for you.

5.00/10 5

Geo (Reviewed on Windows)

The game is average, with an even mix of positives and negatives.

A very simple game with little variety in gameplay. Can be decent to kill a few hours.

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