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Morphies Law: Remorphed Review

Morphies Law: Remorphed Review

One of my favorite aspects of gaming is seeing progression. Whether it is how a game progresses its storyline, how its characters progress, or the strength of a character’s abilities building through achievements, I thoroughly enjoy progression. It is one thing for a game to progress within itself, yet quite another through a series of games. The picking and prodding required to analyse the progression from one game to the next is essential to a game’s success.

Before entering the world of Morphies Law: Remorphed, I did some homework on the original. I feel it is essential to the reviewing process to see where a game series originated and compare it to where it has gone. The original Morphies Law had a slew of faults, as it lacked content and had colossal netcode issues. With the re-release - Morphies Law: Remorphed - it easily leaps over its weak predecessor, not just because the bar was set so low, but because it really is a huge improvement in many ways.

There is not much to the story, as the gameplay quality carries the load in this installment. It is basically robots fighting other robots to enable your team’s giant avatar to kill the opposition’s giant avatar. I respect that the game doesn’t try to be something it is not. It knows its foundation and what it is striving for. It is an action shooter game, plain and simple.

Gameplay begins with the variation of game modes, as each mode allows gamers a different experience every time entering a map. Matches are 4 v 4. The game modes are Mass Heist, Morph Match, The Masster, and Head Hunter. The variations of modes differ between straight death match, the player on either team with the most mass becoming the Masster, stealing mass, or capturing the large avatars head in the middle of the map. There is enough discrepancy in each game mode for each to be enjoyable on its own.

In terms of actual gameplay and premise, you shoot enemies to enlarge yourself, and as they take damage, they get smaller. It is specific enough that each hit on a part of the body grows and shrinks with hits taken and suffered. As your character expands or dwindles, your abilities shift, as having larger legs enables you to jump more powerfully, or you become a smaller target to hit if you shrink. The more misshapen you become indicates whether your marching towards victory or defeat.

The maps themselves could use work, as they certainly feel and look different, the blueprints just seem repetitive. I was able to overlook this, as I was constantly under duress and having a blast shooting my way to transform into ridiculous shape and size. The additions of missions, weapons, badges, and musical instruments makes it feel like a complete game much more than the original, taking the gameplay to the heights it should reach.

The most enjoyment I had playing Morphies Law: Remorphed was online, as the matches were highly competitive and challenging. They also ran smoothly, and I ran into no loading issues or glitches. It is clear the developers worked diligently to solve the netcode issues in the original.

This is a game that deserves a play. I don’t believe it is one of those games that can suck you in for hours on end, day after day, but it has a place for a few rounds on a consistent basis. It may not be for everyone, but in terms of action shooters, visuals, and simplicity, it is well done.

7.50/10 7½

Morphies Law: Remorphed (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

The massive improvement from one installment to the next is highly noticeable. It still lacks variety in its maps. The jump Remorphed makes from the original version makes it not only playable, but a game you can sink your teeth into, as it is a well-rounded shooter gameplay experience.

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Joseph Gil

Joseph Gil

Staff Writer


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