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Onion Force Review

Onion Force Review

Onion Force is a relatively challenging tower defense game that puts you on the battlefield as an aide to your towers. It allows you to pick between three different classes like a warrior who has the ability to use melee attacks, an archer who can fire arrows unto the enemies from afar, or a wizard who can cast spells on the enemies. Each role plays differently from one another, adding diversity and replayability into the game. Onion Force offers a unique take on the traditional tower defense game by putting you into the action — You alone can change the course of the battle at hand.

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You can level your characters up to increase their health and damage. You may also forage through the trees and rocks to find items that will increase your character's health and damage too. These items can range anywhere from a sword that will increase damage output to rings that increase movement speed. You may also unlock magical abilities by using onions. You can find these in the trees or by killing enemies. These enemies have an unlikely chance to drop the onions. You can use these abilities to reach your primary goal, to protect the last remaining king in the land. He has a stone wall around him so if enemies get through your defenses they have to waste a considerable amount of time breaking this wall, essentially giving you a last minute chance to save him. To help you protect the king you may place towers along the edges of the map in designated areas. You may choose from many towers including the traditional archer tower, a medic hut that is used to increase your health and weapon durability, a barracks that allows you to call upon little minions to help you in your fight, and a caltrop tower that pours caltrops out onto the lane. You have chances to upgrade these towers later into the game, but these upgrades aren’t explained to you.

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I enjoyed playing this game because of how challenging it was. The hordes of enemies get bigger and bigger as you slowly progress into the game and a new enemy is usually introduced once every two rounds; this makes it very difficult to just coast through the levels. These enemies are often levels above your current standing and will absolutely pummel you if you aren’t careful. These enemies pale in comparison to the boss battles that occasionally occur. These battles will destroy your day when they come about if you aren’t careful. The music was phenomenal. I was about to use Spotify in the background while playing until I heard the main menu music. The music is a mix between what you would hear in a Disney movie and a fairly good electronic song. The musical themes vary between stages which adds more variety in the audio landscape. This game has many strengths, but now we must get into the negatives.

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Just because I enjoyed Onion Force doesn’t mean that it is void of issues. I really hated the lack of resolution and general options that this game didn’t have. The game launched itself in a very low resolution and there wasn't a way to fix the issue. I suspect that the game was running in 720p instead of the standard 1080p while fullscreened. Take what you want from the resolution issue, but this hurt my overall opinion on the game. In addition, Onion Force doesn't explain any of its systems to you! You have tower and ability upgrades but these mean nothing when you don't know what they do. If a game doesn’t explain its mechanics how are you supposed to play it? Because of the lack of explanations I drifted about the first couple rounds of play without any notion on what I was supposed to do to be successful.

6.50/10 6½

Onion Force (Reviewed on Windows)

Game is enjoyable, outweighing the issues there may be.

Onion Force offered a decent amount of enjoyment but it's glaring problems detract from it's experience.

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Mason Aschenbrenner

Mason Aschenbrenner

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