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Spitlings Review

Spitlings Review

At first glance, you may be thinking Spitlings must be an easy game since it’s so colourful and cute. Spitlings is far from that... this is a hardcore arcade game. This game is for one-to-four players, instead of competing against each other you have to work as a team. There is no lone wolfing here; if anyone dies, you all fail and die. You play as a cute block character with a crazy face, usually with lots of teeth or eyes, fighting against slime bubbles that are taking over the city.

vlcsnap 2020 08 19 09h16m35s491

Sure, that doesn’t sound very intimidating, but it sure gets scary when you realize if you get hit once you are dead. To destroy the bubbles the Spitlings do the most obvious thing, spit out their teeth. The problem with this technique is that the Spitlings run out of teeth fast. Luckily, you can replenish your teeth by holding the B button or by collecting the white blobs in the level. Every slime you hit splits into two smaller bubbles so there are more targets to avoid and hit. It doesn’t take much to fill up the whole screen with slime bubbles to avoid; it gets crazy and hectic really fast! The Spitlings can only shoot in two directions, straight up or down. Besides hitting targets, shooting down causes your character to bounce up. Keep in mind that once you run out of teeth, you can’t jump anymore or shoot the slime bubbles until you replenish your teeth.

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The layouts to the levels are quite simple. Some have platforms that you can jump off of or use them as a barrier to hide from the slimes. A few levels have walls that will need to be broken to release some of the trapped slime bubbles. You can’t shoot sideways but just shooting down will break the wall when you are standing beside it. The levels are pretty short and don’t take long to beat at all, as long as you don’t die. I guarantee you will die a lot especially when you are playing multiplayer. There's more than a few times where you would die at least twenty times before no one got hit and you could take out the last of the bubble slimes. When you die, an outline of your Spitling will appear in that spot, so it will be easy to tell who it was that got hit and where. This way you know who to direct your anger towards. In this level the player who was the telephone Spitling died 36 times in 5 minutes...

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There are one hundred different Spitlings to unlock in this game; even one that looks like a television, though it seems weird that a TV or washing machine would have teeth. Every round I played everyone I was playing with would keep switching their Spitling, so it’s just fun to see all the creativity that the Massive Miniteam developers put into designing these wacky characters. In conclusion, Spitlings is a colourful, crazy, hectic game that will have you laughing and probably yelling with your friends; this is a must-play party game.

7.00/10 7

SPITLINGS (Reviewed on Xbox One)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Spitlings is a colourful, crazy, hectic game that will have you laughing and probably yelling with your friends; this is a must-play party game. With one hundred different Spitlings to collect, will you get them all? Or will you surrender and bow down at the feet of your slime bubble overlords?

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