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Surge Deluxe Review

My PlayStation Vita seems to be getting a lot of love since OlliOlli. Despite the fact that the game itself was bad, I’ve been playing more games on my PSV in general. Amongst those is a game by FuturLab, creator of Velocity Ultra, who have brought us a game called Surge Deluxe, a simple yet addictive title.

The aim in Surge Deluxe is to chain blocks together to clear the area, whilst using combos to rack up as as many points as you can within a time limit. At first, you can wait, assess the levels, and work out the best routes before taking action. However each level gets progressively harder and gives you a shorter time limit, meaning you have to pace yourself the longer you survive.

You can only chain blocks of the same colour, trying to chain a different colour block will destroy the chain. You chain blocks up by sliding your finger across the screen and letting go will end the chain. There is a pressure meter at the sides, which fills up quicker the more blocks are stuck on the side. To lower the pressure, you need to clear a space by the edge and open the vents. Opening a vent will make any blocks of the same colour worth more points. The more blocks you chain, the more points you gain. If you take too long, time will run out or too much pressure will build up and you will lose the game.


There are several different types of blocks which each give different effects when used. There’s the most common special block, the star block, which replaces one colour with stars. These blocks give extra points when used in a combo. The rest are colourless and can be used with any colour combo. There’s also a bomb, which destroys all blocks of the same colour which you combo’d it with, multipliers, which multiply your current combo score, a chain, which allows you to change your current colour combo, allowing you to score two colours in one combo. Finally, there’s the frenzy block, which turns every single block into the same colour block you combo’d it with. Of course, when given the chance I tried using a frenzy block on another frenzy block, unfortunately, it doesn’t work, much to my dismay.

The music does contribute to the game, being a simple but effective tune. It takes lessons from Velocity Ultra and makes similar themed tunes to that, which was was a very good move for the developers to do.

Once you’ve exhausted the arcade mode, there are an array of different puzzles for you to complete. This presents you with different scenarios and you have to use multipliers and vents to rack up a set amount of points with the selection of blocks given.

Overall, Surge Deluxe is a fun little title that is enjoyable to play out and about, but not one you’re going to sit down with for several hours straight.

7.00/10 7

Surge Deluxe (Reviewed on PSVita)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Overall, Surge Deluxe is a fun little title, but not one you’re going to sit down with for several hours straight, yet still enjoyable to play.

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