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3 Biggest Challenges Facing Esports Businesses AD

3 Biggest Challenges Facing Esports Businesses

The evidence of ever-growing internet technology is all around us. And if the past decade has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t even begin to imagine the world even 10 years from now. In the same way, 20 years ago a sports commentator or professional football player surely couldn’t imagine that a kid playing a game in front of a computer will be called sport. But, here we are. In the era where esports are leading events across different platforms with millions of fans globally.

The true advantage of esports was discovered only recently after the pandemic started. When the future of every other sports event was hanging in the balance, Esports was growing more popular and successful than ever before.

It comes as no surprise that many people decided to start their business or invest in the world of esports. But even esports doesn’t come without its challenges. In this article, we’ll cover some problems facing esports businesses today.

How To Enter The Industry

When it comes to esports, you can see that there are a lot of ways for people to earn money from it. The main reason for this kind of success is the entertainment behind it. Whether you are watching your favourite gamer playing or you are betting on some certain score of the game, you will be having fun. The thrill, the rush, the excitement – it all goes through you when you are into Esports Betting. With the onset of the Coronavirus-era, it became very popular among esports lovers. That is why people of different generations are gathering around this sport. But, from a business perspective, there are more things that you need to take into consideration.

There are several options that can bring you steady income in the esports industry. These include advertising, franchising, and sponsorship. Advertising bears the least risk since you can limit the amount of money invested in the advertisement. This solely depends on your financial possibilities and the amount of traffic that you are trying to increase. Sponsorships are also partly risk-free since you decide to sponsor individuals, teams or events, making it a perfect commercial for your business.

However, franchising is a whole different story. Buying a whole team or forming one from scratch is more difficult than it might seem. You have to know how to play a popular game in order to be able to recognise talented players. Moreover, you need the members of the team to get along and create a positive team spirit. All of these factors have a direct effect on whether or not your team will be successful, and therefore your money not wasted.

More Than Players

When people think about investing in esports, they think about professional players and good tech equipment. But it’s more than that. A good esports team is made of a good marketing crew, strong social media experts, and even coaches.

So this part can be a problem for someone who didn’t think of the need to invest in this part of the staff. But without these crucial elements, an esports team wouldn’t be complete.


Even though something as new as esports can be lucrative since there isn’t plenty of competition on the field, it can also be loaded with problems due to the lack of standardisation.

It can be troublesome to invest in something new since you don’t really have all the statistics that can guarantee revenue-generating options. So, for now, you can only lean on your own knowledge and common sense if you want to invest in teams, individual players, or events.

Since this market is too young to tell, let’s hope that in the future all things will be ironed out, so that investors worldwide could have an opportunity to appreciate the value of Esports.

In Summary

Esports is the next best thing if you want to invest. But there are important things that you need to take into consideration beforehand.

Even though some people still underestimate the power and the complexity of this fast-growing discipline, its value is undeniable.

Gamers around the world are uniting more and more, organising fantastic events around their favourite games. Therefore, new developments and opportunities are yet to be seen, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of that journey.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith

Staff Writer

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