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4 Hilarious Animal Racing Games AD

4 Hilarious Animal Racing Games

We all know that there are some weird games out there, but a world that's not terribly explored is the world of animal racing games. There aren't many games focused on horse racing exactly, but there are a few. I'm sure there are some very normal animal and horse racing games out there, these are not them. These games are more adventurous, with either a feature that makes a serious game look hilarious or are just clearly intended to be insane. So let's explore the weird world of gaming. Enjoy this list of four hilarious animal racing games!

Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey $ Gallop Racer

We'll start with a game that clearly intended to be something new and different. This game is called the spiritual successor to two other racing game series', Koei G1 Jockey as well as Tecmo Gallop Racer. All in all this game is intended to really bring the player into the world of being a jockey! It even included courses that were intended to mimic real life racing grounds such as Churchill Downs and Cheltenham Racecourse. Heck if this game was any more authentic, you'd need a BetAmerica promo code to place your bets on the outcome! So what's the weird part of this game? The way you control it.

This game, hailing from 2011 amazingly, was available on the PlayStation 2, Wii, and Xbox 360. You might think sure, the Wii controls will look silly but the other two systems are safe! You'd be wrong. It was connected to the PlayStation Move system as well as the Kinect for the Xbox, meaning the player got to mime riding a horse in their very own living room! Come on, we all want to see this game at a party now. Hopefully no one will get hurt, just don't get too excited and don't forget to place your bets!

Final Furlong

Stepping away from home gameplay for a bit, let's look at a more modern cabinet style game that can be found in a modern day arcade. Final Furlong is a gift from the Namco gods with how ridiculous people can look while trying to play it. Especially adults. And we all need a little ridiculousness in our lives, especially these days. So what's so funny about this one? Best controllers ever: you get to ride a horse!


Ok, it's not a full mockup of a horse in the middle of an arcade, despite how wonderful that would be. It's pretty much the torso and the head and that's what you ride to play the game. People of all ages will look so great the more they get into this game. Horse controllers... what a wonderful world we live in!

World Cup Japan 3

This game is possibly the most amazing and most pointless game in the world. It's hard to even sort out if there really is a goal besides racing your horse and trying to win. The problem is, though, that everything will just unravel about halfway through the race. Not that it seemed exactly normal to begin with.

First there's the burlesque or dominatrix horse and jockey, and I do mean the both of them as no one gets left out in this game. If the jockey is weird, the horse is possibly even weirder, like the tandem horse with two riders, the panda, and the elephant disguised as a horse. Seriously, the list goes on, but like I said, about half way through, things really get weird. There's dancing, rockets, stretching... it's a feast for the eyes if one ever wanted to know what insanity would look like if it were made into a videogame. The fun kind of insanity!

Wild Animal Racing

This is the game that changes all the rules, why? No jockeys, the animals don't need them this time. When you hear the words "racing game" this is closer to what one would expect. Cars. Well then who's driving them? Yup, the animals!

The graphics aren't the best, and that's part of the charm! Choose between an elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, zebra, or hippo and race your car toward the finish line. Think Mario Kart with less polish but just as much randomness. As someone in the Steam reviews of the game even recommended it to "anyone who has eyes", and even those who don't. This game is a wonderful romp that makes me wish there were some other animals so we could reenact Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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There are so many gems like this out there, games made weird or funny on purpose or by accident. These games prove that anything can be fun, even horse racing! Some have even formulated a drinking game to World Cup Japan 3, which just sounds almost dangerous depending on the rules. Remember, game safely, drink responsibly, and don't forget to take some time to explore the weirder side of gaming. These are a great place to start, who knew animal racing could be so exciting!

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