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5 Games From Xbox Games Showcase You Aren't Talking About But Probably Should

5 Games From Xbox Games Showcase You Aren't Talking About But Probably Should

The Xbox Games Showcase just happened and as expected showed off the future of Xbox. Alongside the biggest games like Halo Infinite and a brand new entry in the Fable franchise, there are a handful of games that aren’t making headlines. Here are the five games I think you should be paying attention to from the Xbox showcase and what little we know about them.


One of the most exciting games shown during the latest Xbox showcase is Rare’s Everwild. We don’t know very much about the gorgeous looking exclusive but this latest trailer showed more of the art style and the design of the creatures that will populate Everwild’s world. There are many ways the game could pan out but I’m expecting a multiplayer game like Rare’s previous game Sea of Thieves. All we really know at the moment is the game is said to have “unique and unforgettable experiences” and is set in a natural and magical world. While not much is known, it seems to have a lot of potential to be really special, here’s hoping.

The Gunk

Next on my list is the latest game from Steamworld creators Image & Form, The Gunk. Another game we don’t know so much about, The Gunk is a third-person adventure game starring a duo of struggling space haulers. From what we can see the game requires you to wander around a colourful world infested with a parasitic gunk. You seem to be able to vacuum this gunk into your mechanical hand but what you do with it from there is unknown. You are able to craft items to help you survive which may lend idea to it being a survival game but there are elements of platforming seen within the trailer. While there is no solid release date as of yet, The Gunk looks to be a lot of fun.

The Gunk


Developed alongside The Outer Worlds latest DLC and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids style survival game Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment are very busy indeed. Their most intriguing title is the one on this list we know the least about but has pedigree behind it. Just like The Outer Worlds before it showed that we don’t need Bethesda to deliver us a deep and interesting Fallout game, Obsidian are trying their hands at The Elder Scrolls next. A first-person RPG epic set in the world of Eora, all we know about Avowed is the style of game and the setting. It looks to take things in a bit of a darker direction from games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and perhaps it takes itself a little more seriously but after The Outer Worlds proved Obsidian can still deliver, Avowed is a title filled with promise. Keep your eye on this one RPG fans.

Tell Me Why

Dontnod Entertainment’s latest title has been building small amounts of hype around the Internet from Life is Strange fans as Tell Me Why plans to develop on that same structure. The only game on the list with a release date, Tell Me Why will release in a series of three episodes starting 27 August this year and ending on 10 September. Tell Me Why shows the reunion of a pair of twins and tells their story using their special bond to solve the mystery of a death. What’s interesting about Tell Me Why is the game features our first transgender protagonist in Tyler Ronan and takes place in Alaska and features Alaskan culture very heavily. This mixture of representations may be tricky for Dontnod to get right but I believe their fans have a lot of trust in the developers to do so. If you are concerned about the subject matter featured in the game Dontnod have actually addressed some questions in an FAQ on their website. In this FAQ they will go over how they respectfully approach themes of homosexuality and transgender as well as their attitude towards the Tlingit culture and language surrounding the setting. It’s coming soon so keep an eye out!

As Dusk Falls

The final game on this list is As Dusk Falls, an interactive drama from INTERIOR/NIGHT. Set in the Arizona desert in 1999, As Dusk Falls we start off in the middle of our story as we see two families collide and the 30 years surrounding their struggles. We don’t know much about how the ambitious game actually plays but we can probably expect it to be within the realms of games like Life is Strange and Telltale’s games. What immediately drew my eye to the game however was the unique presentation of the trailer, using animated 2D images to convey emotion and movement. It looks very interesting but as of yet we don’t even know if the game will keep this style. Regardless INTERIOR/NIGHT hope to bring us a new style of storytelling and will share more in the coming months.

what is the release date for as dusk falls 1595539328

What do you think? Are you excited for any of the games on this list? Perhaps there are others shown at the Xbox Games Showcase you took note of that you think should be here too. Let us know in the comments.

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Acelister - 10:48am, 6th August 2020

You know what I miss? Rare's single-player games.