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DC Universe - Attempted 1-30 Run Part 2

Okay, here we are, back at it. This time we're following good old Icaruschips on his mighty quest to be a bastard from level five to ten. In the last part (here) we hadn't come across anything note-worthy, except maybe the rather ominous looking plants scattered throughout Gotham.

Time to see if there's any changes to discover in the next five levels! A quick reminder of what my villain looked like before I took him to ten, as I am going to be showing visually all the new equipment I find/earn:


Levels 5-10

So, starting exactly where I left off, just after I had hit level 5, and I'm still running around doing the same missions as before. This time, I find myself in the employ of Catwoman, who wants me to help her fight off policemen and women as she retrieves a valuable item from a warehouse. This is an older mission, too, so don't expect anything new.

After successfully defending Catwoman from the police, she was kindly enough to join me in a fight against Huntress. After swiftly defeating her, Catwoman requested I meet her at the hideout for more work, which I was more than happy to do. After getting back, however, I was quickly sent off on another errand for Joker; this time thwarting Bane's attempts to get in on the current Gotham gang war. This is yet another old mission, and it took me swiftly to level 9, thanks to the masses of experience it throws at you.

I had almost peaked to level 10, when I ran out of Gotham based missions, other than PVP arenas, which I don't feel ready to start quite yet. I then decided to continue my quest for power in Metropolis, to see if I could perhaps make Superman's life a living hell, and with that, off I went.

On my way to Metropolis, I noted in my journal a mission briefing involving Poison Ivy that had apparently been available right from the beginning, which I hadn't noticed before. I then went off to find out what she was after; which was to protext her plants and help her create plant-creatures to roam Gotham and cause trouble. I kindly helped her out, by beating up Gotham biologists who were in the mood to destroy Ivy's babies. For this she rewarded me with some experience, and some tokens to purchase new equipment. However I've saved the tokens for later use, hoping to get more and thus better equipment. Not bad for the first new thing I've found, if a little tedious.

When I arrived in Metropolis, I came across a random mission, asking me to defeat 15 Stingers and retrieve their staffs, which I did, and which also served as an experience boost to shove me over the level 10 mark.

I stopped there, and will pick up shortly to get myself to 15. But disappointingly I still haven't came across anything new other than the Poison Ivy mission. I was hoping at the very least to see some new things lying around as I explore, but nothing really, although I'll grant you it could be because I spend most of my time in flight mode. Still, below is what my evil-doer currently looks like, a far cry from his beginnings.


Join me next time, true believer... oh wait, wrong franchise...


Edit as of 7/7/11: I can't continue with this for now I'm afraid. My subscription time has ran out, and I'm not in any shape financially to keep the sub on for now. If I ever get around to it again in the future, though, I'll continue this.

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