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Evil Dead: The Game Needs One More Major Update

Evil Dead: The Game Needs One More Major Update

Evil Dead: The Game, developed by Boss Team Games, and released only last year has seen its fair share of updates. It's received bug fixes and stat balancing, a new map based on Army Of Darkness, additional single-player missions, a new multiplayer mode, an expanded roster of human and demonic characters, and there are a bunch more weapons too. Boss Team Games really hasn't held back and has even managed to supply the vast majority of these extras for free.

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Evil Dead: The Game has a simple premise: be a survivor and team up to destroy the Kandarian hordes, or be the monster and stop the survivors, in a 4v1 setup. There's really not much more to it than that — it's simple, but effective. Luckily, the random item placement, varied class system, two large maps, and constant Ash Williams one-liners do help it from becoming stale too quickly.

What it desperately needs, though, is bots, or at least a feature that allows people to join mid-game. When you play online, you must have human players to bulk out the teams; this is not difficult, as finding a lobby and getting a full team of four is incredibly easy. It's when the match is in play that the problems begin because once a player leaves the game, the team is immediately crippled. A bot does not take the place of the person who left nor is anyone capable of joining in their place — the character is simply dead and you have to carry on with one less party member. It's a rather common occurrence to have a player disconnect; maybe they rage-quit, felt left out, had their Internet die on them, or even simply had other things to do with their finite time. Whatever the reason it doesn't help those that remain and just want to play the game. My friend and I have been left to finish rounds countless times because someone died and then wouldn't wait the couple of minutes it takes to save them, instead choosing to leave. Sometimes this even happens at the beginning of a match, meaning you're then stuck as a duo rather than the intended quartet.

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There is a single-player only version of the multiplayer mode, which you can play if you don't feel like interacting with others, so the bot technology is already there. It just needs taking and adding to the standard online mode so that players aren't unnecessarily punished when someone can't or won't continue playing.

Niall Cawley

Niall Cawley

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CountyBoi - 11:15am, 1st March 2023

Thank you for keeping the evil dead the game content coming.

NOVEMBERcharlie - 12:07pm, 3rd March 2023 Author

Hey, no problem — i think it's a cracking little game to be honest. Does the franchise some justice. I hope to have another aticle up soon