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Latin American Games Showcase 2024: Super Crane HD

Today at the Latin American Games Showcase 2024, we saw the official trailer for Super Crane HD. Follow the adventures of a bug juggling at his job in this retro-style match 3 game where you need to clear 3 blocks at a time. However, with the constant change of your tools, you need to keep an eye out.

Developed by CalixJumio, in Super Crane HD, you need to be a bug, do a work, and match a 3. If you’re interested, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam to keep up to date with any updates and for any news regarding its release.

Summer Game Fest 2024
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Globeoverseas - 06:48am, 13th July 2024

“Globe” Jib Crane Overview


A jib crane is a versatile lifting device with a horizontal arm (jib) that supports a moveable hoist. These cranes are widely used in industrial settings for their ability to maneuver heavy loads with precision and ease. At Globe Overseas Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in manufacturing top-tier jib cranes that meet diverse lifting requirements with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.