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Fan Art Feature: Resident Evil Village - Lady Dimitrescu and Daughters

Fan Art Feature: Resident Evil Village - Lady Dimitrescu and Daughters

As per request, we have removed one of the featured artworks. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Here at GameGrin we often get blown away by some of the artwork that fans of games produce across the world. It's something that everyone in the community can appreciate and we wanted to take some time out to appreciate some of the incredibly talented artists out there. 

With the release of Resident Evil Village finally upon us, here at GameGrin we have not escaped the hype over a certain towering villain. So we decided that our first every Fan Art Feature would be dedicated to the seemingly flawless Alcina Dimitrescu (Lady Dimitrescu to you) and her "daughters". All artists will be credited below with links to their sites/patreons/shops so you can support their endeavours, and bag yourself some sweet artwork. 

If any accreditations are missed or incorrect please contact us ASAP so we can resolve any issues.

Lady Dimitrescu 2By Anna Sassi

 1619822692 Cassandra Bela Daniela2By Momokulala

billy grilly lady dimitrescu by billygrilly deeuf6nBy Billy Grilly

lady DBy Angju

daniela bermondt artBy Bermondt Art

lady D SapBy AyyaSAP

Alissi Daniela2By Alissi

Fan Art Feature
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

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